Victor_2 Victor Aspengren is a speaker, writer, and consultant in the areas of leadership, employee ownership, and company culture.  Victor currently serves as Director of Sales & Marketing for Paragon International, Inc.  He serves the National ESOP Association as Chair of the Ownership Culture Committee, an officer of the Iowa/Nebraska ESOP Chapter and was a past Board of Directors member.  Victor also serves as a Board of Directors member for the National Center for Employee Ownership.

Victor’s past experiences include being the CEO of Owner Revolution, an employee owned company, an ESOP consultant at RSM McGladrey, a Dale Carnegie Instructor, and owning his own business.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Iowa State University, a Master’s of Public Administration from Drake University, and Certificates of Management from the University of Nebraska.

Victor provides a unique and fresh view on business, life, and how it all fits together.  He has been called the “Mad Doctor” as he challenges the status quo.  Victor is a strong believer in employee ownership as a means to grow profits for companies and individuals.  He has no tolerance for big egos, power abusers, and those who act like victims.

Creativity, communication, leadership, choices, company culture, life lessons are all areas that Victor loves to speak & consult on, learn about, and blog about.  He loves good debates, laughs, and times.

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